Soap n Scent, Fair Trade Handmade Soap.

These beautiful and luxurious gift items are made by a family business called Soap-n-Scent . It was founded by Mrs. Pimarn Tovanabootr. The soap products are made thanks to the help of local villagers who work on production in the backyard of Pimarn's home. Pimarn studied environmental science in America and learned the art of soap making.
Each unique bar of soap is made and cut by hand. It is important that no animal fats are used to make the soap, everything is made from pure vegetable oils. Which, unlike the use of animal fats, does not clog the pores of your skin. The basic soap recipe starts with rice oil, an excellent moisturizer. Then a palm oil is selected which contains a high percentage of fatty unsaturated acids (oleic). This gives the soap superior softness and purifies. Coconut oil and the inside of palm seeds are added to the soap. This makes the soap even more moisturizing and creates a rich, airy foam. Finally, olive oil is added, which is soothing and makes the soap even more moisturizing.
Soap n Scent soap contains a natural glycerin, a byproduct of this handmade process. This natural glycerin helps improve the skin's moisture balance by removing it from external moisture and retaining it on your skin, without affecting the skin's natural functions. Only the purest essential oils have been used, which not only support your skin, but also help your mind relax (aromatherapy).
Soap-n-Scent strives to make beautiful, high quality and unique products with the finest ingredients available. The date stated on these beautiful gifts is the packaging date and NOT the expiration date. The soap lasts a long time, although the scents may fade after two years.
Pamper yourself, relax and enjoy this honest and natural soap.